It’s no secret that the world has been captivated by the recent reports of vast misconduct by industry giants in the entertainment industry. Because of the entertainment business’ immense influence on global culture, it’s pertinent that companies and leaders take immediate strategic action to assess and address what is happening inside their own walls.

Our research shows entertainment and advertising did shape view of self.

  • How I should look

  • What I can do

  • Which industries are interesting

  • What roles I should take

Responses from research participants:

White woman, VP in tech: "A lot of knowledge about what I could do came from television shows, like LA Law, where I saw women in high-powered careers"

White woman, director in tech: "I wanted to be a tv reporter because I loved writing, and loved watching 20/20 and Barbara Walters. I loved the idea of wearing a pantsuit."

Hispanic woman, HR: "I wanted to be a news reporter when I was a kid, I didn't have access to lots of books or a mentor for guidance. So the respectable thing I saw was a reporter"

White man, VP in finance: "I wanted to be a truck driver because I Loved Burt Reynolds, and Smokey & the Bandit"

Asian woman, VP in tech: "I wanted to be an airline stewardess but moved quickly to being an astronomer. I read a lot of books and watched them on television"




The core philosophy behind ASCEND is active and intentional championship of women by company and studio leaders.

Studies have long shown that diverse boards and leadership teams yield higher returns for companies across every major industry. In this new era of long-awaited transparency, doing the right thing – and showing the world you’re doing the right thing – is essential for success. Integrity and credibility are now linked to your bottom line.

We implement and achieve this in a few ways:

  • ASCEND Training & Development Workshop for executives, managers, and teams – a full-day experience that demystifies diversity & inclusion, and inspires new voices to lead

  • ASCEND Championing Program creation & implementation – a customized program built, launched, and tracked specifically for your company, studio, or unit

  • ASCEND Certification – a full-service assessment of your company’s current performance, custom strategic solutions to address areas of opportunity, with the goal of becoming publicly ASCEND certified

We believe that advancing more women into leadership will not only create a more productive, dynamic, and positive workplace experience for employees, but will also lead to the creation of successful entertainment products in every corner of media. There’s never been a better time to examine and act on gender equality at work. We’re ready and excited to take on this charge with you. Let’s do this. Together.

Apply for the Artemis Ascend Certification. Highly qualified applicants will get $25,000 in free consulting.