As our schedules become increasingly busier, it is challenging to find time and agency to volunteer, especially when volunteering can demand a significant time commitment. That being said, the Mayo Clinic has researched and identified several health benefits of volunteering, including its ability to reduce stress, improve physical and mental health, teach valuable skills, and strengthen existing relationships. Additionally, volunteers help nonprofit organizations reduce their costs, expand their community impact, and provide better services to clients.

Microvolunteering is a means to combat the problem of limited time yet an ardent desire to volunteer. By providing all the benefits of volunteering, but in a more flexible, manageable arrangement, it can accelerate change.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to work together. PNW IDEA has greatly contributed to increasing the quality of our work and supporting this major transformation of our organization.
— Nonprofit Executive director on impact of volunteers

Our platform

Our platform encourages community members to engage in Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) activities in sustainable ways. Our goals are broken down into:

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Provide meaningful volunteer opportunities to those who have useful professional skills but limited time

  • Increase number of IDEA volunteers

  • Improve quality of individual volunteer experience, volunteering motivation and understanding

  • Increase number of volunteering hours, in person, remotely, and digitally

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community partners

Improve access to volunteers with professional experience

  • Increase number of new volunteers

  • Retain volunteers

  • Improve experience engaging new and existing volunteers

  • Decrease hours spent coordinating volunteers

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COrporate partners

Enhance employee volunteer programs with IDEA community partners

  • Increase number of IDEA nonprofit partners

  • Increase number of employees who take paid VTO or increase the number of companies that offer paid VTO

  • Improve quality of group volunteer experience

The activities on our platform are focused on influencing the following nine pivotal points:

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