Request for Problems (RFP): Using the Artemis Connection approach to help all talent ascend

Thanks for your interest in applying to our RFP (Request for Problems). Please fill out the form below and we will connect with you if your application has been accepted. 

We may contact you for additional information after your application has been submitted; if so, we will reach out to the person listed as the lead contact, below.

Applications are due by Friday, June 22 at 11:59pm.

Introduce us to your organization. What information is important to understanding the people who work there? If any, please include relevant inclusion, diversity, equity and access details. (100 words or less)
Tell us about your organization’s interest in helping all talent ascend and thrive. Please include information about leadership and staff buy-in. Why are you interested in the opportunity to be ascend certified? (200 words or less)
Measuring IDEA Readiness *
In our Project Ascendance research, we identified specific problems that contribute to talent not being able to thrive. Please identify the problem from the list below that most resonates with how workers at your organization experience work-life conflict.
Explain more fully the details and background of your problem. (100 words or less)
Barriers: How Talent Ascends *
Can you think of any barriers that might limit us from further measurements of how talent ascends?
Barriers: Working Hours *
Can you think of any barriers that might limit us from measuring employees' working hours?
Barriers: Well-being *
Can you think of any barriers that might limit us from measuring employees' well-being, such as stress levels?
Site Visit *
The Artemis Connection team interested in a site visit to observe and write about the process of ideation, iterating, implementing and optimizing key findings (the name of your organization can remain private). Would there be any concerns from your organization?
If you replied "yes" or "maybe" to any of the question above, please share your concerns.
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501(c)(3) *
Does your organization have a 501(c)(3) public charity status? (non-profit organization)
Type of Employees *
Can most of your employees be defined as knowledge workers – individuals who spend most of their time accessing and applying information (ex. reading, writing, meeting with colleagues), rather than performing manual tasks or direct services to clients.
How many employees are in your organization?
What are the main ways in which your organization is subdivided? (e.g. well defined teams, overlapping teams, offices/geographies, etc.)