Pro Bono Work

At Artemis Connection, we believe that it is the responsibility of every one of us to make the world a better place, and responsibility extends to companies and corporations of all sizes, ours included.  This is why we’ve built giving back into our business model.

Each month, we dedicate 4.5% of our time to the sole purpose of changing lives, communities, and organizations. We do this through pro bono work, volunteering, and board involvement. We also donate 4.5% of our profits each year. This intentional philanthropic approach is our 4.5% Promise.

Our 4.5% Promise supports our vision of creating a positive impact so everyone can reach their full potential.  

Organizations/initiatives we’ve helped this year through the 4.5% promise:

  • Smithsonian

    • Created a strategic marketing plan so they can continue to focus on what they do best, creating curriculum that has been proven to be systemically transforming science education.

  • Superintendent Roundtable

    • Surveyed and interviewed current and former members to understand their needs and what they value from being a part of the organization.

    • Conducted a competitive analysis to better understand the landscape.

    • Crafted a strategic plan that would allow the Roundtable to reach their goal of financial viability, addressed the future role of schools, and recommend strategic partners to explore.

  • 100% Talent

  • Women’s Funding Alliance

  • Outside In / Virginia Woof / Columbia River Pet Partners

  • Public Schools

  • Pilot Light

  • iUrbanTeen

  • Camps teaching social-emotional skills to preschoolers

  • Subsidized work in the healthcare space for public health clinics

  • NYC Cares (working with an NYC non-profit to help low-income households in the Bronx with tax preparation and financial literacy)

  • Spring Forward with Women Leaders

  • "The Future of Work: Educating Today's Students for Tomorrow's Leadership Roles"

    • Talk focused on helping educators prepare students for the shifting labor landscape they'll encounter in the future

    • Students will need to acquire a suite of essential skills in response to technological innovations that will dramatically reshape work, workplaces, and entire industries.

    • Due to the rise of automation and machine learning, leaders in the new economy will marshall both STEM skills and people skills

    • Teaching students creativity, a love of learning, emotional intelligence, teamwork, and how to delegate between people and technology will position them for success.

  • Moderated panels on diversity and inclusion

  • Participation on panels or keynoted

  • Built tools/resources that can help improve diversity and inclusion