“A diverse organization will out-think and out-perform a homogeneous organization every single time.”
— Alan G. Lafley, former CEO of Procter & Gamble

Designing a diverse and inclusive workplace culture means creating and nurturing an environment where all employees, regardless of gender, race, age, education, disability, religion, sexual orientation, background, or family situation, feel valued, respected, and able to succeed.

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Why should your company be ‘IDEA’ driven?

In today’s workplace, diverse teams in the right conditions yield the most innovative solutions. Organizations promoting diverse and inclusive cultures are proven to be high performing, agile, and much better positioned to attract and retain top talent. 

At Artemis Connection, we believe it is the responsibility of each one of us to make the world a better place, and responsibility extends to companies and corporations of all sizes, ours included. This is why we’ve built giving back into our business model.


Our 4.5% Promise

Each month, we dedicate 4.5% of our time to the sole purpose of changing lives, communities, and organizations. We do this through pro bono work, volunteering, and board involvement. We also donate 4.5% of our profits each year.

We’ve helped many organizations including, Smithsonian, Women’s Funding Alliance, the Superintendent Roundtable, First Washington, One Love, Junior Achievement, Financial Education Public Private Partnership, Western Washington University College of Business and Economics, and iUrbanTeen to name a few. Artemis has also supported the vision of creating a positive impact so everyone can reach their full potential. We’ve also led camps teaching social-emotional skills to preschoolers, subsidized work for public health clinics, and built tools/resources to help improve diversity and inclusion in communities across the country.