Founder of We Are Pistachio Achieves Goal of Corporate Offering and PitchGo Back

Founder of We Are Pistachio Achieves Goal of Corporate Offering and Pitch

Aditi is a graduate of the UW Certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership, led by Project Ascendance’s Christy Johnson

“You will receive practical knowledge that you can implement immediately in your business idea or venture”

Aditi Patil’s goal was to take We Are Pistachio to the next step—to craft their corporate offering and pitch to a beta client.

We Are Pistachio is a global community built by relocating spouses to help one another upskill, network and grow. It was launched in early 2020, born from a deeply personal problem that Aditi, and her co-founder Deepali, wanted to solve for themselves and for all relocating spouses all over the world.

In working toward her goal, Aditi found everything in the program useful: the teaching, the breakouts, and the final pitch to the judges.

Based on what Aditi learned, she successfully created their one-year, two-year, and five-year plan. They also created their beta corporate offering and pitched to the Seattle Seahawks. Although they didn’t sign them on as a client, they were able to communicate their offering with confidence.

Aditi’s advice to anyone considering the program is to “DO it NOW. Christy and John are incredibly encouraging and provide you with wisdom, insight and the final PUSH that you CAN and must do it.”