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Origin Story for Project Ascendance

Project Ascendance started as an initiative of Artemis Connection, which is a boutique management consultancy focused on strategy, intrapreneurship, and transformative impact. Artemis Connection was founded in 2016 by Christy Johnson, a Stanford GSB graduate, McKinsey alumna, and career educator.

Part of Artemis Connection’s origin story was a focus on giving back – including pro and low bono consulting projects, team volunteering, and educational summits. In addition to leading Artemis, Christy also launched a certification program at the University of Washington focused on women in entrepreneurial leadership. Over time, it became clear that these initiatives deserved a home outside of Artemis, and thus the Project Ascendance website was born.

Here, on this site, you’ll find information about the ongoing women in entrepreneurial leadership course, as well as archived information on Artemis’s previous giving back initiatives. We look forward to adding to this site with new giving back initiatives, or new evolutions of this entrepreneurial leadership course, as they unfold.