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We Believe in Giving Back – 4.5% Annual Report 2018-2019

Giving back has been at our core from the beginning. The Artemis Connection 4.5% Promise supports our vision of creating a positive impact so everyone can reach their full potential. It is our commitment to helping change lives, communities, and organizations. Each year, we dedicate 4.5% of our time through pro bono work, volunteering, and board involvement in communities across the country.

A workplace to support everyone remained a priority in 2019

Building on the work we did last year, we pushed forward the IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity and access) movement by conducting monthly gatherings of IDEA professionals in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and hosting our second Project Ascendance Summit.

This year, our Project Ascendance Summit focused on the debut of Generation Z into the workforce. Companies of all sizes are joining the race to attract and retain them. Business and community leaders across the PNW gathered to hear from experts across industries on what is working for them.

Futurist Anne Boysen unpacked commonalities among Gen Zers: desire for connection to the world; expectations of transparency from themselves and others; armory of tools to stay informed; and drive to improve the world. These traits reflect the economy and ecosystems that nurtured them. Gen Zers reflect the economic and social changes to come.

Companies that respond to Gen Z’s needs will proactively respond to the changing economy. At the Project Ascendance Summit, Lorraine Bardeen shared strategies she implemented to respond to the changing workforce:

  • Use an iterative process. Start with low fidelity models and iterate to high fidelity final product.
  • Ensure honest, transparent, and immediate communication with employees.
  • Empower employees with autonomy to utilize their full potential.
  • Embrace globally-conscious values; a North Star or social compass to leave the world a better place.
  • Inspire employees as they will be more productive if they enjoy the work.

To stay ahead of the curve, companies can adopt philosophies that take advantage of the Gen Z workforce. More important, companies should grow new initiatives to stay nimble – and if version one fails, iterate again!

Magnifying the important work being done by others

In 2019, we helped solve hard problems for 10 pro bono and subsidized clients from non-profits, the education sector, and small businesses doing good in their communities. We are inspired by their dedication to the disadvantaged and underserved, and honored to play a small part in their important work.

Here is what some of our clients and Artemis team members are saying about our work and 4.5% Promise.

Kevin Williams, Director of Learning, Fuse Corps helps urban communities thrive.

Artemis Connection is high quality and responsive. For example, we have had their support with some of our cohort trainings, which were well received. They designed both interactive in person sessions as well as online sessions. In addition, they supported us with scaling our professional development programming. For example, they helped us evaluate an external provider. The team was moving its classroom-based training to more video. Artemis gave great feedback on how we could improve things.

Sasha Steiner, Western Washington University

Artemis Connection creates high quality and valuable work, and most importantly, are highly responsive. They are especially strong in working with the public sector and taking an eye to the private-public partnerships. Artemis keep us informed with weekly written updates and consistent touch points throughout the last few months. In addition, their faculty and staff workshop was engaging and well received.

National Superintendents Roundtable

We have gained huge benefits from working with you guys. You have been professional. You have forced all of us, including our members, to think about what the Roundtable means.

Michèle Heffron, Executive Director, Pacific Northwest Region, The One Love Foundation in honor of Yeardley Love

The team at Artemis Connection has been amazing! They took the time to fully understand One Love and our mission to bring relationship health education to all young people. After listening to our needs, interviewing stakeholders, and fully understanding the goals we have set out to achieve, the Artemis team created a comprehensive two-year strategic plan that included in-depth market research and easy to understand steps for implementation. Their dedication to our mission and this project has made the possibility of achieving our lofty goals possible and I couldn’t feel more gratitude for Christy and her team.

Looking ahead to 2020 with innovative ways of giving back

We will continue supporting non-profits through our pro bono work, while encouraging Artemis team members to volunteer in their local communities. In addition, we will continue to engage with regional companies and organizations to advance IDEA best practices and learning opportunities in the workplace.

Microvolunteering will take our impact further. Research shows the desire for short-term or one-off volunteering opportunities is growing among professionals with limited time yet an ardent desire to volunteer. We believe a new path through microvolunteering will help to make an impact. By providing all the benefits of volunteering, but in a more flexible, manageable arrangement, it can accelerate change. We’re developing a platform to help connect individuals with microvolunteering opportunities in their area. We want to equip more individuals and organizations to act on their expressed commitment to giving back.

Team members with a passion for helping the disadvantaged find satisfaction in their work at Artemis Connection

I love that we dedicate time to use our skills to support nonprofits to further their mission—and I also love being part of a team of people who want to work for a company with pro bono work as a central part of its business model. – Andrea Palmiter, Engagement Manager

I enjoy working with our pro bono clients because of their passion and commitment to greater causes. It’s really hard work and often emotionally challenging, but I admire their determination to make other people’s lives better. – Jasmine Medina-Perez, Analyst

Our communities will not thrive without everyone doing their part to help make the world a better place. At Artemis Connection, we often say, “One Team, One Dream,” and we mean it. The spirit of “one team, one dream” extends beyond our colleagues to our clients and communities. Supporting the missions of our pro bono clients, along with the opportunity to volunteer in my own area, brings extra meaning to my work at Artemis. – Dana Bedessem, Engagement Manager


  • 1300+ Volunteer Hours
  • 20+ Organizations Served
  • 10 Pro Bono and Subsidized Strategy Projects Completed

Organizations We Helped in 2019

  • Junior Achievement of Washington
  • One Love Foundation
  • No Bully
  • St. Augustine Preparatory Academy
  • The Delta High School | Pasco, WA
  • Washington Council on Economics Education, Bellingham, WA
  • Ford Foundation Prison Reform
  • National Superintendent Roundtable
  • Fortune Society
  • Financial Education Public Private Partnership
  • Western Washington University
  • National Women’s History Museum
  • FIRST Washington Robotics
  • Fuse Corps
  • Community Center for Education Results (CCER)
  • Local Public Schools (which rely on a lot of volunteer support)
  • Moderated panels on diversity / inclusion
  • Public appearances as keynote and/or panelist
  • Open Source tools / resources to help improve diversity / inclusion
  • ESL Programs
  • Local Food Banks & Homeless Shelters

What Happens Next?

At our core, we believe business can be a force for good, so we will continue to give back 4.5% of our time in the coming year. If you’re interested in joining a pro bono project or if you know a nonprofit needing strategic guidance organizationally, please reach out. Email Christy for more information.